Thursday, 21 November 2013

Further development, monk and lower level gang designs.

Rich perspective, Excelsior project

Poor perspective, Excelsior project

Poor perspective colour variation

Organised gang final design wip

Initial monk sketches

Second iteration of monk sketches

Initial lower level gang sketch
This is my current progress for the Excelsior project. The colour variation of the poor environment was a suggestion by my tutor Nigel to tone down the colours, I tried a more bluish glum look to the piece to reflect the poor nature of the environment.

He also ask me to design a lower level type gang as my gang looks very organised, and higher up. As such I decided to keep with the cyber punk look, and have characters that wear leather jackets, torn jeans, have pads, patches, and other symbols. I kind of have Sons of Anarchy in mind in terms of the look, but with punk like edition of spikes, hairstyles, the way their posed and body weight (there more skinny, rather than the bulky/built look bikers tend to have) bandanas and so on.

For the monk I am going in the direction of a Japanese like look of a warrior monk, with the detail of a a character from war hammer.

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